Aerial Inspection

becomes easy with UAV's

UAV's are an ideal tool when it comes to those hard to reach areas

Aerial Inspection, a modern approach to accessability

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAV's, are an ideal tool when it comes to those hard to reach areas that require regular inspections such as rooves, chimneys and pipe work amongst others.

Sky Cam Media can provide Hi Definition aerial video of inspection areas or hi quality aerial stills.

UAV's can also be used for pre inspection, reducing the need for people to be put in dangerous situations while working out the correct levels of edge protection and aiding in the development of safe systems of work. The hierarchy of controls to any safe system begins with eliminating the need for a person or people to be in a dangerous situation followed by reducing the time they need to be there hence how UAV's will quickly become part of every job as the the future technology advances.

Our UAV's can be deployed rapidly, sent to task and return with valuable footage within minutes.

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