Get Up High

Aerial Drone Technology offers significant advantages

Unlike other methods for capturing Aerial Photography the use of an unmanned drone allows us to get up higher than conventional mast systems...and also lower than manned aircraft, the best of both worlds.

Affordable Aerial Photography

The use of remotely opperated drones has drastically reduced the cost of aerial photography. It has now become a valuable resource for the masses.

Get Down Low

As well as the elevated height benefits over traditional mast systems our unmanned drones can also get lower than conventional manned aircraft options

Aerial Photography, a bird's eye view

Sky Cam Media offers clients the unique opportunity to capture images from vantage points not usually available using our aerial drone technology. 

This affordable aerial photography option enables you to use quality photographic images to help sell properties, survey buildings, manage land and stock and even carry out archaeological surveys. 

If you have an event, why not capture it from above? Weddings, fairs, shows, fetes and parties are easily photographed using our hi-tech remote control equipment and trained operators. 

Unlike fixed mast systems, Sky Cam Media can take aerial photographs from any angle and over any terrain at a much greater height. Most fixed mast systems stop at approximately 90 feet, we can fly up to approximately 400 feet (depending on the CAA Regulations for that country) The advantage we have in this area is that we can work high up and gain access to inaccessible places without any “working at height” issues. We can fly lower and get a more detailed shot than a manned aeroplane or helicopter and all at a much lower cost. Why not give us a call and we can discuss the work you would like carrying out. What more could you ask for?

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