Construction Sites....

...are dangerous places

To set your mind at ease our pilots are fully NEBOSH certified and are well versed with the hazards of construction

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NEBOSH certified, taking Health & Safety seriously

At SkyCam Media health and safety is our priority, our pilots are qualified to make dynamic on site risk assessments and amend them as conditions change.

Our operators hold two NEBOSH (National Examination Board Of Safety and Health) qualifications, one aimed at general work places and the other aimed primarily at construction sites and their legal, moral duties.

The NEBOSH certificates are the most popular health and safety qualifications in the UK today and we are proud to have them.

The NEBOSH qualification helps us keep track of the ever changing conditions on site such as prevailing weather conditions, making sure we keep a set distance away from people and structures as set out by the CAA. With these qualifications our pilots also meet the academic requirements for technician membership of IOSH.

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