Estate Agents

Offer your clients a unique perspective in selling their home

Our Aerial Video services provide a unique viewpoint for property sales. Capture your audience with sales videos of prestigious properties.

Enhance your Wedding Video

Use our Aerial Video services to add to your wedding video

Working in conjunction with your wedding videographer we can provide you with some spectacular additional shots

Sporting Events

Come to life with Aerial Video

An elevated Aerial Video can really add a sense of scale to your sporting event

BNUC-S Licensed, ensuring best practice

SkyCam media is a BNUC-S qualified company( Licence number 1449-15-3-10).

A UAV operator who is not BNUC-S qualified is  unlikely to be insured. BNUC-S is administered by EuroUSC.

In order to become qualified, pilots have to pass a theory exam to prove competency when undertaking flying operations in UK airspace. The pilot also has to carry out training if necessary and pass a flight test before applying to the Civil Aviation Authority for a permission for aerial work.

We were examined against our own Operations Manual which was commended by both EuroUSC and the CAA as an example of best practice.

SkyCam’s operations manual covers all aspects of our flight procedures along with risk identification and covers how hazards are identified, managed and eliminated.

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